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Week 14 - 2014 Updates

Week 14 - 2014 Updates

Didn't had an update like this for a couple of months. Well turns out that last week was the most productive week since "my comeback". I'm trying to change some things in my workflow. First of all I'm going to try not to think that much. All my videos become clumped up in my head "I have to talk about that, then that, then edit, then bla bla bla". This really creates a lot of pressure on me and it makes things not fun. Not only that but I simply not do stuff, I just postpone them.

I actually have written the review for Hearthstone for about 2 weeks. The review for Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls for about 1 week. They are still not up because I want to change something in my format. I usually write it down so I know the right words when I'm recording.

Since English is not my native language sometimes I don't have the right words coming out at the right time so this creates a lot of "Uhgmmmmsss..." in the video and since I want my videos to be a bit more "professional" I want to edit them out. So then I spent a lot of time at editing... another problem is that my videos are not dynamic. They seem way to blend. You can't see my personality.

One of the tools I started using in order to improve my workflow is Toodledo...

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PureVPN Review & Tutorial

PureVPN Review & Tutorial

I recommend you to watch this video. I go into much more details. Also if you want to know more technical details about PureVPN or their prices check their official website.

There are many reasons why you would want to use a VPN. I personally use PureVPN in order to get an US IP and access Netflix which is not available in my country. You can also access many other country restricted websites like or

Other people like to encrypt their internet traffic so other people can't track what they are doing.

In the past I used a Chrome plugin called Hola Unblocker. That worked ok, sometimes... It started to fail a lot and every time I wanted to watch a TV Show I had to restart the browser, restart the plugin and other stuff just to make it work. So that's when I decided to look into VPN's.

First of all they have a very good price per year. 50$ per year is pretty good for a VPN service. Second, the feature that I find the most useful is called "Split Tunneling".


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Upcoming Games of 2014 Part 3

Upcoming Games of 2014 Part 3

This is part 3 of the Upcoming Games of 2014 That Are Making PET Excited! Check Part 1 & Part 2!

HEX TCG : Shards of Fate

Release Date: Q4 2014
Official Website

Kickstarter Page

This is my first and only Kickstarter project that I backed. I liked the idea so much that at some point I rised my pledge level from 50$ to 65$. HEX TCG is a MMO Trading Card Games.

Yes you heard that right! MMO! It will have PvP & PvE. In PvE you will be able to use different powerful cards that are not available in the classic PvP. You will be able to take your friends and go in raids and fight AI. AI has his own custom deck builded for that particular Raid. To many things are not known about PvE but we know plenty about PvP. PvP is the classic TCG experience. You have a 60 cards deck and you take it to fight another human player who brings his own 60 cards deck. We will have constructed tournaments but also sealed & draft tournaments which is something pretty amazing.

Another thing I have to mention is that this TCG was builded as a DIGITAL TCG and such it has cards that would not be possible to do in real life. Here is an example:

Some cards will also have sockets! Meaning that you will be able to add a socket with different colors to improve and change the card behaviour. On the down side I don't like that HEX feels way to similar to Magic The Gathering. I really liked WoW TCG system. The idea with Quest who are resources, the fact that I can declare an attack independent feelt pretty nice.

There are a lot of amazing features so I recommend you to check the official website. HEX is available in Early Alpha right now. You will be able to build a deck and try it out.

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

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Upcoming Games of 2014 Part 2

Upcoming Games of 2014 Part 2

Hello gamers! After part 1 of Upcoming Games of 2014 That Are Makign PET Excited comes Part 2! Doh!

Keep in mind that the games are in no particular order. I'm excited about a lot of things, but as I have said in the first part, I try not to get to excited because I don't want to be disapointed ... again.

Pillars of Eternity

Release Date: Winter 2014
Official Website

Well... there are 2 words to describe this. HOLY FUCK! Yes I have use the F word. In case you are still wondering what is the F word, well it's FUCK. I love this type of RPG games. I love this style of 2D isometric graphics.

I still remember playing Icewind Dale 2 twelve years ago. The doctor told me to sit home for 10 days because I was sick. I used Icewind Dale 2 to recover. Down side is that I never finished the game even that I tried 2 times. It's long and it's deep. A lot of hidden things to be found. I remember finding an amulate that had like a long story. I did't knew if the amulet was anything special but I decided to have a look in a FAQ. Yea we didn't had YouTube back then, we had to read guides. And in that guide I found out that if I go back to a cemetary and I right click a particular grave while having that amulet I'm going to spawn some kind of old hero. I tried to beat that guy like 3 times, no success.

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

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