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Looking on my old "books" folder. Found a book about Microsoft Silverlight. I loled. Then I remembered that I bought a book about FLEX.


15 games released today on Steam ...


It seems that @Steam_Support tagged my website as "Potential Malicious". Waiting for the support to respond. :(

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New Giveaway! | 01.March

New giveaway!

Gaming Talk new episode | 03.March

A new episode in the weekly show "Gaming Talk", the show where we talk about the games we are currently playing!

Check out the playlist page here.

DreamHack Bucharest 24-26 April

DreamHack is going to come again in Bucharest! See you there between 24-26 April!

More info on the official website!


Gaming Talk - Episode 3

Gaming Talk - Episode 3

Gaming Talk the show where we talk about the games that we are currently playing! Every Tuesday... on GamerPET's Channel!

Now that I got the intro of this post sound like a TV intro, let's talk about the show!

The main idea with this show is to see what games we are currently playing. We are so focused on the past with the "awesome games we had back then" and we are also so focused on the games that are going to come out in the future that we are forgeting the present... we are forgeting the games that are coming out RIGHT NOW! Yea I know I sound a bit philosophical, but you know... whatever! :)

I am mainly going to talk about the games that I'm currently playing, but I also want to talk about what you play! So don't forget to write in the comments! This way we might find out about games we tought are bad.

So in Episode 3 I talk about Dying Light, a bit about Life is Strange, a bit about Apotheon, a bit about Frozen Cortex and a bit about Offworld Trading Company. Man I waited for the last game so badly. I will do a special video about that game soon!

YouTube Playlist with all Gaming Talk episodes.

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