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Holy shit guys Star Wars Rebellion is now available on GOG! 1 moth ago I was struggling on finding a good ISO and...


Happy Birthday @Amplitude ! Looking forward for more games in 2015! :)

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Week 38 - 2014 Updates

Week 38 - 2014 Updates

The summer is finally over so it's time to be flooded with great games! It's going to be hard to manage our time in order to play all those great games!

First of all the new Steam Currator page is up! Click here to see my recommended games. Also make sure you click that follow button. I will always put the games that really deserved to be played. I am going to try to be an un-biased as possible but overall it' still my choice so you might not agree with all my picks. If you have suggestions for games that should be there you can email me!

Giveaway #24

The new giveaway is up! This time the prize is a set for Bounty Hunter. You can see the video with the set here.

New Videos

Nostalgia Trip - OpenTTD
Who used to play the old Transport Tycoon Deluxe? I still remember me playhing the game back in 2000. Good old times!

Review: The Walking Dead - Season 2
Honestly this Season 2 was simply awful. My review is spoiler free so you can watch it even if you want to play the game. I had to force myself not to give you details so it was a little bit hard not to mention exactly why this Season 2 was incredible bad. It was cheezy. It was full of chyshees. Characters starting to die in the first 5 minutes of the game. In the end I wasn't feeling enything. It's like the "writers" created a game for the emotional morrons who like to be shocked. This is what the game is doing. It's trying to shock you and it's doing it so bad and so much that it becomes meanlingless. Awful game.

First Look: Starion Tactics
First Look: FIFA 15 Demo
First Look: SPACECOM

Review & Tutorial: Endless Legend
This game is actually pretty fun. I love the UI Design & the concept art. The game is being presented beautiful! This is a Turn-Based Strategy game with a lot of improvements in the genre. Think of a very different Civilization game.

Other Updates

Some of you might have watched Vlog #12. In that video I explained that I'm changing my focus. Until now GamerPET used to take my full time. I can't really dedicate myself full time for a hobby. I also remmebered that my old dreams were to "create my own games" so I'm going to go in that direction. I'm reading stuff about game design and I'm trying to analyze the game better. What's wrong and what's good. Also "why". Why is pretty important :). Besides that I decided to start to learn how to draw. I like programming but I woudn't want to be a programmer, so in case I really have to get a job I decided to go on the design path. There is a lot to talk about this, so maybe another time. 

Btw, don't get me wrong, I will still do GamerPET. Probably you woun't see a difference because even in the past when GamerPET was my full focus, I still wasn't to active. I guess I was just bad at it... now I will make a video whenever I feel like it and whenever it's worth it. I want to enjoy the games again and not force myself to play them just so I can make a video.

Thank you for reading!



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Week 21 - 2014 Updates

Week 21 - 2014 Updates

Hello gamers! It's time for another week of gaming! Last week as an interesting one with a lot of games I want to play popping out. Yea I know, you might thing "Yea you mean Watch_Dogs right?". Well not really. I played it for about 3 hours but then I found something better... Distant Worlds: Universe. This game is a "Time Eater". This is what I have been playing in the past 3 days. This is the game that made me watch videos & tutorials... my god this game is deep and amazing. I'm going to do my own tutorial soon mainly because I havn't seen any decent tutorial. I have done it before with my Crusader Kings 2 Tutorial & with Europa Universalis IV Tutorial and people seem to enjoy them.

I'm also watching HEX TCG live streams. I'm thinking of starting to stream myself... the problem is that I only have 15 boosters left and in order to join a Draft Tournament you need 100 Platinum (not a problem) and 3 boosters. So basically I can only join about 5 drafts. The only way to get those boosters back is to actually reach the finals. If you win you get 5 boosters if you lose the finals you get 3 boosters.

I managed to get into Heroes of the Storm Alpha. It's cute. I'm still playing 2-3 games per day. I will make some videos if you guys are interested. The down side is that the server is in the US... San Franciso (if I remember correctly) and that means I have a HUUUGE LAG. It takes my hero almost 1 second to respond.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 2 came out. Normally this was the game I was planning to play next. Well, didn't had a chance. I will make a proper review after I play the game.

State of Decay: Lifeline also came out. I didn't even knew it's going to come out. I only found out like 2 days before. I made a quick video about it and I do recommend you to watch it. If you don't know what State of Decay is I recommend you to check my Breakdown DLC review because I go into all the details about SoD.

Other games that came out and I have to make videos are: Europa Universalis IV: Wealth of Nations, Pandora: First Contact, Among the Sleep.

This Week Videos

Giveaway #15

If you never had the chance to play The Witcher 2, now is your chance!

Timisoara Game Dev Meetup

Also on 22 May I had the chance to do my first presentation in front of a crowd. I wanted to do it in English but it was kind of strange for the public since we were all Romanians. Anyway, I had a chance to talk about "How to Present Your Game, Episode 1 - Game Trailers". Basically I talked about Game Trailers, good and bad. I was thinking on doing a video on my YT channel but I think I will pass. Anyway, you can see the video here.

This is for this week. Don't forget to enjoy video games!

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Week 19 - 2014 Updates

Week 19 - 2014 Updates

Yea well... I managed to get to the front page of Reddit Starcraft with this image. Totally unplanned... anyway, if you want to know more about my trip to DreamHack Bucharest 2014 check out this video.

Last Week Videos


The Slark set giveaway will end on 15th May. After that I might put up 2 keys for Sweezy Gunner :P


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